Human Cloning is closer than you think …

In Genetic & Biotechnology News on March 4, 2007 by Sasan SaliMi


Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing, or previously existing, human being or clone tissue from that individual. The term is generally used to refer to artificial human cloning; human clones in the form of identical twins are commonplace, with their cloning occurring during the natural process of reproduction.

Although genes are recognized as influencing behavior and cognition, “genetically identical” does not mean altogether identical; identical twins, despite being natural human clones with identical DNA, are separate people, with separate experiences and not altogether overlapping personalities. The relationship between an “original” and a clone is rather like that between identical twins raised apart; they share all the same DNA, but little of the same environment. A lively scientific debate on this topic occurred in the journal Nature in 1997.[1]

Ultimately, the question of how similar an original and a clone would be boils down to how much of personality is determined by genetics, an area still under active scientific investigation.

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16 Responses to “Human Cloning is closer than you think …”

  1. This article helped me a lot with a school project. Very informative.

  2. We shouldnt tamper with God’s process for procreation, things can go amiss.

  3. It seems a little odd to me but I guess if someone just wants to clone their own body who am I to really say. The whole cloning someone else though, that is just bogus.

  4. Michelle is right, god is our creator and this might upset him but he let us do it to so what wrong we have done and by punishment of our fault. The idea is bad to clone human

  5. wtf who cares

  6. i want to clone my balls

  7. im gonna clone my own self
    im serious i will

  8. Man kind has gone to far. to clone a human let it live for 5 to 10 days then kill it for it’s stem cells. i don’t know what this people are thinking doing this what would this acomplish. wooo stem cells who care’s if a person is going to die from something let them. don’t kill another life for another, thats just sick.

  9. thx

  10. michell and lies seil is not right God is not gonna be upset because he did not let us to create a human again because their minds is not the same and its not a Holy spirit

  11. The question to decide that the original and the clone are identical is of very great importance.If the scientists will give a response to such a question the perennial problem of the philosophy as what comes first the spirit or the materia would be resolved.The materialists say the materia produces the soul.If the original and the clone would have the same soul the problem is solved in the favor of the materialists.If not every thing is clear:This world is a product or a projection of an idea or call it God if you please.

  12. God is not apart of this issue, everyone. I agree; being Catholic, naturally I would; God is most likely not happy about this whole thing. But maybe you are all looking in the wrong direction.

    Gene therapy, gene splicing, cloning and stem cell research all resides under the same catagory; science. You try and bring God into science, and it will always go to Hell. So let’s look at the scientifical viewpoint of this whole thing.

    Cloning thus far has proven ill; the singular and completely successful clone is a sheep. A sheep! Over countless flaws and failed expirements, they managed to make a singular animal; killing off in the ‘name of mercy’ the failures. This one clone, however, is still having medical problems – possibilities of inborn cancer, heart palpatations, and occasional lung failure.

    FROM this argument on why cloning is not only wrong, but will never truly and completely work, we can bring in Religion. There are souls, in all of us, in everything. You can never replicate a soul; you can never capture it in a vial and transfer it to new bodies. From this knowledge, cloning an entire human as a new human would never work – the organs will work, the brain may work, the body will function but it still doesn’t show a singular proof that it will survive. Simply for the fact that a body needs a soul to run, almost like a remote and a battery.

    That is where the argument lies.

  13. Wow!Sereno that was a powerful statement!!! I really enjoyed your comments….

  14. what is the human cloning….

  15. what is the human cloning

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